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Who we are

The Rivers State management Agency was established vide Law Number 2 of year 2014.

The Underlying objectives in establishing the Agency are:

• To provide an effective regulatory framework for waste management

• Promote the implementation of a waste management policy, strategy and master plan as may be developed and modified.

• Regulate Waste generation, cleaning, separation, storage, collection, processing, treatment, recycling. And disposal of waste facilities used for waste generation, with the aim of ensuring a safe, healthy and sustainable environment.

• Promote the provision of modern, efficient and affordable waste management services and facilities.

• Ensure efficient waste management practices, taking into account technologies to protect the environment from pollution.

• Encourage private investment in the provision of waste management services and facilities and introduce innovative services and facilities in line with best waste management practices.

• Ensure that all residents, business, organization, institution, agencies and departments of government have access to waste management services.

• Protect the rights and interest of service providers, facility operators and consumers of the services. 

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• Formulate policies, guidelines, directives and standards relating to waste management for the approval of the Board.
• In consultation with Local Government Councils, prepare and update the master plan for waste collection, treatment, disposal and control the resultant waste system in urban and rural areas.
• Grant, renew and revoke licenses for the provision of waste management services and operation of waste management facilities operators.
• Approve and monitor any waste disposal
• Own, operate, or license a facility for waste management
• Provide waste management services to an agency, a department of government, parastatals and local councils, pursuant to a contract between the Agency and any of these bodies.
• Educate the public on acceptable methods and practices on waste and its management
• Collect and process information on types and quantities of waste generated.
• Conduct research independently or in collaboration with any person or institution with respect to waste management.
• Maintain a waste data bank in the state

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